Premium finishing

PREM is a registered marketing name of Suomenselän Laminointi Oy.

Suomenselän Laminointi Oy was founded nearly 50 years ago in 1974. The company first started as offset-printing house but specialized into sheet product decoration services in the late 70's. From the beginning the service range has included surface decorations for sheet printed products all over Finland. If you are a Finn or lived in Finland, you have definitely held a product made in our company at some point of your life. Nowadays the end products which are surface decorated in our company can be found all over the world.

We invest into new machinery and services all the time.

Our machines are the newest and the most effective in the market. The new and modern machinery is the only way to offer fast delivery and the best possible quality. We do surface decorations for a large variety of different print runs and formats.

PREM will take care of your printed sheet laminations, UV-varnish, hot foil stamping and embossing so you can stand out and bold. We do surface decorations for large-scale end products, such as books, brochures, packages, posters, etc. Our raw materials are ecological, and they are they fulfil the requirements of REACH standards.

PREM is a carbon free company

PREM has been sertified according to ClimateCalc - carbon foot print calculation process (CC-000121/FI). We are compensating our carbon foot print completely by using Finnish 4H Taimiteko - compensation. This way, all services purchased from PREM are completely carbon free.


Don't hesitate to contact us in any matter. We are more than happy to help you.


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