UV and spot varnish

UV-varnish, UV-full flood varnish

UV-full flood varnish protects the surface of the product.

Varnishing can be applied to short lifetime products, such as:

  • magazines
  • packages
  • brochures

Varnishing can be gloss or matt. The areas to be coated can be selected.


UV-spot varnish

Uv-spot varnish is used to highlight specific targets on the surface of the product.

By using spot-UV, one can highlight:

  • texts
  • figures
  • patterns

UV-spot varnish can applied on large variety of different printed products. Also special varnishes, such as glitter, crystal, sand or pearl varnishes can be applied. We are more than happy to help you to find the most suitable UV-varnish to your product.




With our designer’s tool, you can see the most common possible effects. The selection is constantly updated so that you always have our latest options at your disposal. You can also ask us about another special effects.