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AAA-rating and Kauppalehti Achievers sertificate

Published On: May 13, 2017

PREM has achieved AAA-rating from Bisnode and Achievers sertificate from domestic business newspaper Kauppalehti. According to Bisnode AAA-Rating is an automatic, constantly updated creditworthiness rating system. By systematically collecting and analysing information concerning activity, background, finances and payment behavior, it evaluates the creditworthiness of a company and its ability to handle obligations related to normal business operations. As the AAA-Rating is automatically updated, its information is more real-time than that of any other creditworthiness Rating. As it is mechanically produced, it is always objective and facilitates comparisons between companies.

According to Alma Talent (publisher of Kauppalehti) The [Achievers] certificates are based on Kauppalehti’s annual Achievers (Menestyjä) series comparing the financial success of Finnish companies. Obtaining the Achiever certificate requires that the company’s financial performance is among the best in its industry and in Finland. Some 1.9 per cent of Finnish companies are eligible for the Achiever certification.

Teemu Pärnänen


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