Foil and emboss

Hot foil stamping

Use hot foil stamping as a special effect or extra color layer

Wide variety of different metallic, holographic or plain colours can be used in hot foil stamping. Hot foiling increases the quality and luxury effect of the product. The process can be applied to a large variety of different substrates, such as coated/uncoated paper and cardboard or even plastics.

Hot foil stamping can be applied i.e. into:
  • books
  • magazines and brochures
  • packages
  • etiquettes
  • stickers

Counterfeit features can be also applied by using hot foil stamping. Don’t hesitate to contact us in any matter. We are more than happy to guide you and answer any questions.


By embossing, the surface will be lifted up. Debossing has the opposite effect and is also called a negative-emboss. The embossed area can be plain or three-dimensional (3D). By using combination tools, hot foil stamping can also be applied simultaneously with embossing.

By using 3D embossing you can create own unique design. The embossing process can be applied to coated, uncoated, printed or unprinted areas.



With our designer’s tool, you can see the most common possible effects. The selection is constantly updated so that you always have our latest options at your disposal. You can also ask us about another special effects.